About this Website

Timelines is the new website that pursues Mercia McMahon's passion for history and the placing of historical debate in its wider context, which as a lecturer she always did through timelines, so that students could view the wider picture for themselves. At present the site contain one very imcpomplete timeline, but more are to come. Articles on historical subjects may be added here, but the focus will be on timelines.

This site is unconnected to Mercia McMahon's occasional publishing of historical books and they will in future be discussed only at her author site Mercia McMahon or business site MMMporium. You will however see adverts for Mercia McMahon's historical books in the sidebar (or below the main site if using a smartphone or small tablet). This website is a space for Mercia to share her passion for all aspects of history.

Due to my politically sensitive day job these timelines and articles will avoid anything too contemporary or too relevant to current political debates. A basic rule of thumb is that neither timelines nor articles will mention a living politician, even if they are long retired.

Many of the timelines are quite shoirt and focused on the Christian context to history because they were originally written to take up a small proportion of a church history lecture handout. Over time the Christian focus will lessen and the timelines become more detailed.

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