Celtic Christianity

431 Palladius leads Gaulish mission to Leinster?

432 Patrick leads British mission to Ulster?

500 Brigid founds Kildare Abbey (for women)

563 Columba (d.597) sets up Iona Abbey, from where he evangelises Scots in Scotland

591 Columban (d.615) leaves Bangor Abbey (Co. Down) for France. Founded monasteries of Luxeuil (France) and Bobbio (Italy)

633 Aidan founds Lindisfarne Abbey

664 Synod of Whitby ruled against Celtic Easter, tonsure and monastic rule

774 Maelruain founds Tallaght Abbey to begin Culdee Reform

c.1070 Saint Margaret of Scotland influences Romanisation of Scottish Christianity

c. 1100 Malachy of Armagh suppresses Celtic orders in Ireland, while they are suppressed throughout Europe, inc, e.g., Bobbio

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