1205 Francis of Assisi (1181/2-1227) dedicated himself to live of poverty.

1208 Began to preach evangelical poverty and joined by 12 companions.

1209 Francis presents First (Primitive) Rule to Pope Innocent III who accepts in principal.

1212 Clare establishes the Order of Poor Ladies (Poor Clares) [2nd Franciscan Order]

1221 Francis re-writes rule, but it is never accepted offically, known as regulata non bullata.

1221 Francis establishes the Third Order (Tertiaries), who do not take religious vows.

1223 Francis' 3rd Rule accepted by the Pope Honorius III and still in use.

1226 Francis died and the Basilica of San Francesco is built in his honour with such grandeur that it disturbs many of the original companions.

1228 Francis canonised.

1257-74 Bonaventura (1221-74) leads OFM to become more akin to other orders, he was a scholar from Paris

1279 Pope Nicholas III affirms renouncing property in Exiit qui seminat

1279-1329 disputes between Spirituals who follow regulata non bullata (unaproved rule) and the Conventuals who favour Bonaventura's approach.

1317 leading Spiritual Ubertino de Casale became a Benedictine monk.

1318 Spirituals outlawed and four martryred in Marseilles.

1329 Pope John XXII -declared absolute poverty of Christ a heresy in Quia vir reprobus

1517 Observants (similar to Spirituals) are granted Ubertino's wish of a distinct order under Pope Leo X, remaining the OFM, while the Conventuals become OFMConv.

1528 Cappuchin Order founded, another attempt to get back to Francis' original vision.

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