Geneva Reformation

1499 Swiss Confederation gains independence from Holy Roman Empire

1519 Zwingli launches Reformed Reformation in Zurich

1533 Calvin forced to leave Paris after the University Rector (and Calvin's friend) Nicolas Cop preaches a supposedly Lutheran sermon

1534 Affair of the Placards forces Calvin to leave France for Basel

1535 Printing of the first version of Calvin's Institutes of Christian Religion

Feb. 1536 (Zwinglian) Bern army captures Geneva and exacts tribute, while granting the city its independence

May 1536 Genevan City Council adopts Reformation under Guillaume Farel

Aug 1536 Farel persuades Calvin to stay in Geneva

April 1538 Calvin and Farel expelled from Geneva on the grounds that they opposed the adoption of a more Bernese Reformation

1538-41 Calvin pastor of French Church in Strasbourg

1541 Calvin reluctantly returns to Geneva as Moderator of the Council of Pastors

1541 Calvin issues Ecclesiastical Ordinances of the Church of Geneva

1542 first Consistory meetings (to regulate Genevan morality)

1545-47 opposition to Calvin, esp. from Genevan nobility

1548-49 Charles V's army assails Swiss Protestant cantons

1549 Consensus Tigurinus, a common confession signed between the reformers of Zurich, Geneva and Neuchatel (Farel's new base)

1551-52 attempts to stop refugees (mostly French) becoming full Genevan citizens

1555 election of pro-Calvin councillors followed by opening up of full citizenship to many religious refugees

1555 first Genevan pastors sent to Reformed congregations in France

1559 Genevan Academy established under Theodore Beza

1559 Calvin becomes a Genevan citizen

1559 final version of Institutes of Christian Religion published

1564 Calvin dies and Beza takes over as Moderator

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